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Turf Aeration




limited time offer only

Turf Aeration and Fertilization for $99.00

(average size yard)

This special includes Gypsum, Turface, and specially blended commercial fertilizer.

With other companies, we have seen this package be offered for as much as $200.00.


 WE are also offering Aeration only for $75.00


Fertilization alone for $45.00.


Aeration is a term landscapers and turf care providers throw around that sounds nifty but what is it and why does your lawn need it?

 As many of you have noticed we live in a coastal pocket and yet the soil our grass, plants and trees have immediate access to is nothing less than hard impenetrable clay!  Or as we refer to here-GUMBO!  It  smells awful and is so dense that water and plant roots both can hardly penetrate its slimy surface.

Aeration is a fancy term which translates into creating air pockets into a surface, in this case namely  into your lawn.  This helps your grass enormously for the entire year by giving it a chance to grow its roots during spring past that water free, oxygen free level that makes it so hard for it to thrive.  So during times of drought and stress, your lawn has access to other supplies of water (like the tap roots of your trees) and therefore has much more resilient roots which also make it much tougher for other stress ors and vermin to affect the general health and beauty of your lawn.  It has been proven to save on the water bill too!!

We highly recommend you invest in this service not only because it can dramatically change the  appearance and health of your lawn, but it acts as a preventative from drought, insects, fungus and other stress ors helping to eliminate the need for problem treatments later which can be expensive. 

Now that you know how important it is, look at at our spring Aeration Fertilization Package special!!

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